This sparkling wine is utterly unique, with distinctive qualities that come from its Ruchè grapes, which were carefully harvested to maintain their classic acidity. The Ruchè base wine is bottled in March of the year following harvest, then yeasts are added for a second fermentation in the bottle, which will gradually create the effervescent mouse, a process that lasts for some three years, at a cool temperature, in silence and darkness. Once the ageing finishes, riddling and disgorgement follow, and then the sparkling wine is released.

CATEGORY. Vintage-dated (millesimato) sparkling wine.

GRAPE. 100% Ruchè.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The name Suavissimus evokes sweet words, pleasant thoughts, and pleasurable sensations, perfectly embodying what the winery wishes to express with this wine. Its truly distinctive quality resides in its fragrances of sweet violets and rose petals, which emerge here as varietal characteristics of the grape that yields the wine. In fact, with this wine, we wanted to show our bond with this area, demonstrating that by creating a rosé from our most important grape variety, Ruchè.  

SENSORY PROFILE. The wine presents a dense bead of pin-point bubbles, and an antique-copper pink hue. The bouquet is most complex, with clean-edged scents of fruit and violets, as well as intriguing notes of yeast and fresh-baked bread, plus a further array of impressions that include candied citrus, briar rose, and dark cherry. The palate, cleanly-delineated and superbly balanced, shows great depth and volume, laced with striking hints of apricot and raisin that seem to linger forever. The lengthy finish too is magisterial, displaying an impressive vein of minerality.  

VINIFICATION AND MATURATION. The grapes are picked before perfect ripeness, to ensure a good level of acidity, which Is essential for producing a good classic-method brut sparkling wine. As soon as the clusters are picked, they are loaded into custom presses for a gentle, fractioned pressing, which frees the free-run juice, the finest part of the berry. The bottle label carries the vintage year of the harvest, for transparency regarding the winemaking process and to better track the wine’s evolution over the years.   


ALCOHOL: 12.5% vol.
BOTTLE: Classic Champagne
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Large, tulip-shaped flute to appreciate the bead
CELLARABILITY: At most, 5 years

SERVING SUGGESTONS. Perfect as an aperitif wine, and with oysters and shellfish; delicious above all with antipasti and first courses.