The area of Miravalle in Portacomaro (Piedmont region) it is known since the beginning of the 20° century for the propensity for this typology of vine. Wine harmonious and elegant, around 12° alcoholic level. It’s pale ruby red colour with orange hints and transforms in amber tones while ageing. The bouquet of rose is delicate and persistent. It is characterized by a dry and pleasantly bitter taste. Ideal with Italian cold salami, delicate starters, light soups, white meat and fish. The serving temperature is the cellar one. It is not suggested to age it longer.

CATEGORY. The whitest of red wines.

GRAPE. 100% Grignolino.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Grignolino is a challenging wine to make, since the grape variety yields a very light crop, with few clusters and berries. The wine exhibits aromas and flavours that vary, depending on vineyard and soils. The growing areas noted for Grignolino include Portacomaro, which yields celebrated crus such as Miravalle, whose sandy, fossil-rich soils bring out the variety’s finest qualities. It is here that our family, starting in the early 1900s, harvested its best grapes. According to Piedmont tradition, the name Grignolino derives from the abundance of seeds in the berry, grignole in our dialect, but from the verb grigné as well, for the somewhat astringent quality of the wine, which causes the taster, even with an appreciative smile, to clench his teeth a bit (digrignare in standard Italian).

SENSORY PROFILE. With about 13% alcohol, Miravalle is a elegant, beautifully-balanced wine that appears a pale red with orangish highlights, which tend to amber with aging. Its delicate, long-lingering bouquet hints of rose petals, while the palate is dry and pleasantly bitterish. It is best enjoyed at cellar temperature and should not be cellared long.

VINIFICATON AND MATURATION. While the clusters are de-stemmed and gently pressed, very little SO2 is utilized. The must ferments on the skins at 28-30°C for 10-12 days, with daily punchdowns, then the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in steel tanks.

ALCOHOL: 13% vol.
BOTTLE: Bordeaux
CLOSURE: Natural cork  24x40
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass

SERVING SUGGESTIONS. Perfect accompaniment to salumi, lighter meats and antipasti, as well as fish.