La Fenice, or the phoenix, was a mythical bird celebrated for its ability to rise alive from the ashes after its death. We decided to give this name to our selection of Barolo following the terrible fire that destroyed our historic family winecellar in January 2007. The new La Fenice winery is a collaborative venture with the Ghisolfi family, who have been growing nebbiolo for hundreds of years on the property between the commune of Barolo and that of Monforte. The western side of the hill is known as Pugnane and the eastern side Bussia.

CATEGORY. Barrel-aged, long-lived red

GRAPE. 100% Nebbiolo.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. One of the Langhe’s greatest grape varieties. Our Langhe Nebbiolo is the fruit of a painstaking quality-selection of the vineyards dedicated to the production of La Fenice Barolo. Our winemaker examines the grapes and evaluates their ability to undergo lengthy maturation, then he decides whether to utilize them for Barolo or, on the other hand, to “de-classify” them for Nebbiolo and thus offer our customers an excellent-quality wine redolent of forest floor and moss, with remarkable volume on the palate and balance of all its components. Not an easy decision to make, with the additional reason of considerable investment, but a decision made through a conviction that a outstanding Nebbiolo offers far more than a Barolo of just average  importance and structure.   

. Appearing an orange-tinged garnet, La Fenice Green Label exhibits its superb maturity on the nose, releasing pronounced notes of black liquorice, spice, ripe fruit, and vanilla. On the palate, it achieves a stunning harmony, its sturdy character and austere leanness alternating continuously with appealing warmth and velvety texture.

. The must ferments on the skins for 8-10 days at 27-30°C, and the wine then matures in un-toasted 30hl Slavonian oak casks.   


ALCOHOL: 14% vol.
BOTTLE: Bordeaux
CLOSURE: Natural cork  24 x 45
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass
CELLARABILITY: 10 years and more

. Ideal as a complement to the finest dishes of meat, large and small game, and aged cheeses, but to filled pastas as well. Its cellarability makes it perfect too as a wine for meditative sipping.