La Fenice, or the phoenix, was a mythical bird celebrated for its ability to rise alive from the ashes after its death. We decided to give this name to our selection of Barolo following the terrible fire that destroyed our historic family winecellar in January 2007. The new La Fenice winery is a collaborative venture with the Ghisolfi family, who have been growing nebbiolo for hundreds of years on the property between the commune of Barolo and that of Monforte. The western side of the hill is known as Pugnane and the eastern side Bussia.

CATEGORY. Barrel-aged, long-lived red.

GRAPE. 100% Nebbiolo.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. A blend of wines purchased and produced in the area between the communes of Barolo and Monforte, from a selection personally made by the winemaker and by the two owners. A boought-in wine that reflects the same philosophy of our estate production. 

SENSORY PROFILE. The wine appears a garnet red with ruby highlights that with ageing tend toward orange. The bouquet, of remarkable complexity, elegance, and intensity, is at the same superbly balanced and all-encompassing. In the first months of its youth, it is redolent of sweet violets, rose petals, and freshly-picked fruit, then with ageing it blossoms with spicier essences--vanilla, cinnamon, and green pepper. The palate opens gradually, dry, robust and full-bodied, austerely lean, but silk smooth as well, evolved and well-proportioned, driving towards a delicate finish laced with black liquorice and tanned leather. 

VINIFICATION AND MATURATION. The grapes are hand-harvested in late October. Vinification is carried out in scrupulous observance of all the tenets of local tradition and of the Barolo production code. The must ferments for 20-25 days at a controlled temperature of 27°C. In spring, the wine goes to large oak ovals, where it remains for at least two years, to become further enriched with tannins and extracted substances necessary for the formation of its noble, age-worthy structure. At that point, depending on the vintage, the decision is made whether to give it another 12 months’ stay in oak or whether it is ready for bottling. It is then given a further six months’ bottle-ageing before release to the consumer. 

ALCOHOL: 14% vol.
BOTTLE: Bordeaux
CLOSURE: Natural cork  26 x 45
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass
CELLARABILITY: 10 years and more

SERVING SUGGESTIONS. La Fenice Black Label’s superb length makes it the ideal partner to the finest meat dishes classic to Italian and international cuisines, to large and small game, braises and truffle preparations, risottos, and intensely-flavoured cheeses. At times, the pleasure of uncorking a bottle of aged Barolo is not necessarily linked to similarly excellent dishes but to choosing an outstanding wine for conviviality and for meditative sipping.