In the last few years, the wine-farm enlarged and some hectares of new vineyards have been planted. Today, the Cantine Sant’Agata production capacity has almost reached 7 hectares of Ruché grapes.
The label “Il Cavaliere” (the Knight) symbolizes the highest expression of the link between the territory’s flair and the grapes. It was created when the first vineyard, recently planted, gave the first grapes. The separation of the grapes coming from young vineyards, is the symbol of the devotion and the loyalty to the respect of the territory and the production principles in which the brothers Cavallero believe.

CATEGORY. Still Red.

GRAPES. 100% Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato (Piedmont).

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Ruché grape is a centuries-old variety. Although its precise origins are unknown, it is certainly one of Piedmont’s most impressive and vital native grapes. There are various legends about its name, but the one that seems most reliable relates that in a farmstead known as the Rocca (Rock--hence the name Ruchè),certain monks produced this sweet wine, which they gave to the inhabitants of the nearby Castel del Poggio. Ruché  buds out somewhat later than other varieties, with denser shoots and with leaves that are a more vibrant green. The cluster is elongated and loose, with round berries with abundant seeds. The grapes are always quite sweet and ripen early.

. Characterized by great harmony and balance, it displays an intriguing, refined bouquet. Warm and appealing, it makes a superb aperitif and pairs well with a wide range of dishes. The bouquet releases fragrant notes of violets, rose petals, fresh hay, and vanilla. Fine alcoholic warmth on the palate leads into a well-scented, near-endless finish. Enjoy it either in its youth or after considerable cellaring.

. While the clusters are de-stemmed and gently pressed, very little SO2 is utilized. The must ferments on the skins at 28-30°C for 14-16 days, with daily punchdowns, then the wine goes through malolactic in stainless steel tanks.


ALCOHOL: 13.5%
BOTTLE: Bordeaux
CLOSURE: Natural cork 24 x 40
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass

SERVING SUGGESTIONS. This emphatic, spicy wine is the perfect partner to full-flavoured dishes. It pairs beautifully with game, venison, wild boar and hare, as well as with poultry and duck, all cooked in this same wine.