Cantina Sant'Agata

Le Cantine Sant'Agata represent the concrete expression of the wine history of the Cavallero family, who moved from Moncalvo to the early '900 in the beautiful hills of Scurzolengo. Today the brothers Claudio and Franco are the current owners of the company. A production range which brings together the main indigenous grape varieties of the area, some very well-known and popular as Nebbiolo, Grignolino and Barbera, other more specific and refined, like the Ruche, wine that is produced only in a very restricted area and today is one of the best in Piemonte.
The brothers Cavallero do not underestimate the importance of appreciation and the consumer's consent, that they have captured over the years with ever-increasing quality and offered at very attractive valuations: a philosophy which boosted the total production of the company. These are the reasons why the wines Cantine Sant'Agata are now protagonists of some of the best tables in the world.

Tenimenti Famiglia Cavallero

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Cantina Sant'Agata

Strada comunale Mezzena, 19
14030 Scurzolengo (AT) - Italy
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12060 Barolo (CN)