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The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets. (Salvador Dalì)

Every land, every hill, every row has its secret.

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Scurzolengo, Cantina Sant'Agata: Ruchè and Grignolino.

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Barolo, Cantina Cavallero: Barolo and Nebbiolo

Tenimenti Famiglia Cavallero is an ambitious project that encompasses and embraces Cantine Sant'Agata, Ka Fenice and Praeclara.
The Cavallero family has decided to concentrate on two particular areas, Scurzolengo and Barolo, both yielding products that compliment each other well.
The main grape varieties are Ruchè, Grignolino, Barbera and Nebbiolo representing the main products of the winery, such as Ruchè 'Na Vota, Grignolino Miravalle, Barbera d'Asti Baby, Barbera d'Asti Superiore Altea and Cavalè and now the Barolo Bussia.

Tenimenti Famiglia Cavallero

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Cantina Sant'Agata

Strada comunale Mezzena, 19
14030 Scurzolengo (AT) - Italy
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12060 Barolo (CN)